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Hope House Thailand is a modern drug and alcohol treatment centre, located in central Thailand. Whilst other facilities boast large 5 star surroundings and large teams of staff catering for large numbers of clients, Hope House is an addiction treatment and sober house facility that has a family feel to it. We aim to make you feel at ease from the moment you arrive.

We are an addiction treatment facility for drug addicts and alcoholics,  in the small fishing village of Bang Sarray, Thailand. If you are reading this page then you are either someone needing help or you are someone with a family member/friend who needs help with their drug/alcohol problem. What can Hope House offer that no-one else can?

We provide a recovery focused setting for those who are facing addiction/alcoholism issues, to gain long term recovery while still maintaining support from other clients and staff. If you require detox we can assist you with this. Thailand is quickly becoming the most popular destination for addicts and alcoholics wishing to find long term recovery at a far more reasonable cost.

We are situated in Ban Sare, Sattahip, Chonburi on the eastern seaboard of Thailand and this means we are a pretty central location in Thailand with easy access to airports. The village itself boasts a lovely beach, an early morning market, 2 temples, an exercise park, a yoga studio, many Thai or western restaurants and a lovely Thai community feel. Recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism is a process and we have created an environment to take the next step in that process. Don’t just take our word for it listen to the words of our past clients testimonials.


Nada L 
Co-owner/Site Manager

Nada is both co-owner and site manager at Hope House. She has worked in admin and management for corporations throughout Thailand. Nada ensures the smooth running of Hope House, liaising with clients and staff both western and Thai. Her calm nature ensures that problems are solved quickly, and the care of our clients is her primary concern.


Paul L 
Founder/Program director

Paul was instrumental in the birth of Hope Rehab Thailand. It was here that, together with founder Simon Mott, he helped from the ground up to build one of Thailand’s and the world’s most successful rehabs. It was while working closely with addicts and alcoholics at Hope, the need for secondary treatment became apparent and the concept for Hope House began.


Michael C 
Counselor/Recovery Coach

Michael has been helping addicts in recovery from addiction for many years. Due to his own issues with addiction and recovery from it he has retrained as an addiction’s counsellor. He specializes in both CBT and DBT and holds a diploma in addiction counselling and SMART recovery qualifications. He has been working in both a group therapy and one to one setting at Hope House.

Our family environment sustains strength, support, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere in a peaceful oasis within the city.

The Hope House team is made up of professionals from all sides of the world with one common goal to help their clients find recovery long term

We also have a great reputation throughout the village because of our work teaching the local monks English and our efforts with the local orphanage.

We play a big part in the local community with our staff all being born and bread here in the village. They take great pride in caring for our clients and work hard to make sure everything is perfect.



World class professional support to help you make the changes needed to become the person you want to be

Group Therapy

We will now work with you looking for reservations and relapse traps in your program and assist you in setting goals for your longterm recovery.


We have a electric bikes for getting around the village in addition to house transportation and  bicycles.


High speed internet in every room, and a smart TV with Netflix


Our cleaning staff Tu and Chan will take care your needs so you can put all of your focus on your recovery

Fitness & Yoga

We have an onsite gym and yoga studio for all our clients as well as staff are able to use daily.


Daily breakfast is included. We also have a well equipped kitchen where clients can cook or choose to eat out in the many eateries.


Our  pool area also boasts its very own sauna room for you to relax in.


We have a large pool where you can either swim numerous lengths, cool off, lounge in the sun, or play pool volleyball


Our AIM at Hope House Thailand is to support each of our clients to achieve a lasting and sustainable recovery from addiction.  This is the time for clients to test their new recovery tools in a safe environment.

We also make use of evidence-based approaches that enable change and personal growth. This will give clients the highest chance of successful recovery. The work they will do here will only strengthen and build on all that was learned in primary treatment.

Group Therapy

Groups provide support, encouragement, feedback, and encourage residents to improve their communication skills. We have three psychotherapy groups at Hope House Thailand each week. The topics we look at include relapse prevention, coping skills, self-evaluation as well as general life skills. Group therapy also provides an avenue for clients to explore their personal blocks and assets.

Individual Therapy

Every resident attends a weekly 1-on-1 therapy session with a counselor. This is an opportunity to monitor progress and continue to work on any unresolved personal issues.  As well as individual counselling, clients also have a session with a Recovery Coach each week where the focus is on personal growth.


Having fun is a crucial part of recovery, it keeps us motivated and committed, and this is one of the reasons we are located in Bang Sarray. Here there are unlimited options for fun and adventure such as: Wakeboarding, elephant sanctuaries, indoor rock climbing, temples, water parks, kayaking, kiteboarding, sailing courses, island hoping and historic places, many great food options, village markets etc. You won’t be at a loss for fun and adventure at Hope House.


Our recovery community provides a place where clients are empowered to build a lasting recovery and discover their path in life. There is a lot of thought and energy put into creating a healthy and recovery-focused environment. Every resident has mandatory group activities, optional group activities, and daily free time to explore the beaches, Islands, Temples and surrounding areas.

Physical Exercise

The link between practicing healthy exercise routine and good mental health is a basic fact. So we try to focus on improving the fitness level of our residents as it is an important part of their recovery. Every client enjoys yoga or Muay Thai twice a week, the use of fully equipped gym on-site and many classes within the village. There are also an additional 2 outside gyms with wider range of equipment.


The mental health benefits of meditation include better focus and concentration, improved self-awareness and self-esteem, lower levels of stress and anxiety, and fostering kindness. Meditation also has benefits for your physical health, as it can improve your tolerance for pain and help fight substance addiction. We encourage clients to continue with their personal daily meditation practice with additional sessions for those who require it.



We have 12 luxurious single-occupancy rooms for our residents. Every room has a king-size bed, an en-suite bathroom,  air-conditioning, fridge, smart TV, daily housekeeping and on site laundry.





We have built a program that creates the very recovery community that exists within the village. There are several NA meetings in the village that exist because our clients stayed on and made new lives.

Places to Visit

There are many Temples in the surrounding area with the largest image of a Buddha in the world etched onto the side of a mountain. Chinese museums, meditation retreats and historic landmarks.


There are several markets within the village including one of the largest within its temple. The weekend market at Sattahip is where you will find hidden gems.

Leisure and watersports

Situated on the coast of the Thailand gulf we have a huge amount of water sports and other leisure activities to suite all. 

Island Hoping

The surrounding islands make for the ideal day out on our very own speedboat. Some islands are the birth place of sea turtles and therefor protected.

Health and Fun

Bang Sarray is a very quiet and relaxed village leaving you time to focus on living a healthy and fun filled life.




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